So what is the reason for the book

What is my reason for creating this book/series?  The answer is pretty simple.  I want to help people.  Now that seems like a blanket statement and that is because it is.  Because the people that I want to help are in different ways.  The first and biggest driving factor is because I want to become financially stable enough to adopt.  Anyone that knows me past just a surface level knows that what I want most in life is to be a father.  This thought process was a large reason why I wanted to do something bigger than just work a factory job.  

The next factor is that I want to help people that might be going through a difficult time in their life.  Where they feel like they are alone.  I want to create a hero that is a hero to the world, but not in his own life.  Who is still able to operate, but eventually slips and feels like the world is caving in around him.  The reason why is because I feel like people are afraid to speak out because they think they will be viewed as weak.  I also want to help people that haven’t had these types of emotional issues a look at how someone would think.  The best way that I could describe it is to think about a person’s emotional tank like a battery.  Most people have a battery that can stay charged for a long time and doesn’t need long to recharge.  Where their battery can make it through a week or a month before they need to take a few hours or day to themselves.  Then you have people that deal with mental issues such as depression, anxiety, or any other mental issue that their battery only lasts about a day or two.  There are things that can negatively impact this.  Such as a job that they feel mistreated at or a bully is in their class at school.  It suddenly turns into they shut down at night and feel like they need to distract themselves to recharge.  But, there is something that can have a positive impact.  Someone that acts as a charger for the person.  Someone that helps to ease the pain or is able to mute the voices that try to tear down the person with the mental issue.  These people that are these chargers might not even realize it.  I want my writing of the main hero to show how a person with a mental issue might overthink something or stop thinking rationally.  I also want to show how that charger person can be the charger.  Because in reality, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing without my charger.  Without the people that help me get through the day.  

The next factor is that I want to be able to take care of the people that have helped me in my life up until this point and those that will help me as this grows.  I want to make it where the people that have helped me make it this far don’t have to worry.  Where money isn’t a factor for them.  Where they aren’t afraid of a sudden expense or an emergency because they are taken care of.  And with the people that I might one day employ I want to be able to remove stress from their lives.  I want to set up a business model that goes above and beyond to have them love coming to work.  I want to create a health insurance company that is exclusive to my business.  Where when a hospital calls saying is it covered we can respond “Yes!” no matter the cost or issue.  I don’t want to charge my employees for it either.  I want to give out bonuses that are equal across the board.  The bonus that the CFO or COO will get is the same as what the janitor will get.  It seems like a far-fetched dream, but there is a way to do it.  I know the pain of feeling underappreciated and it is something I don’t want in anything that I run.  I want my employees to work hard not because they are told to, but because they want to.  Because they know that they are cared for.  This book isn’t all about making money for me.  It is about using my bonus time to truly make an impact.  Make an impact that will be felt long after I am gone. I don’t plan on stopping at 1 volume and I don’t plan on stopping at 20 volumes.  I am going to go until I can’t because 132 a day is 132 too many. 


  • Nice Logan. Thanks for caring.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing where life brings you and how the comic plays out!

    Ryan Skrenes

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