It is all about getting off on the right foot - Logan Schwanke

Something I have been stuck on is what foot to lead off on.  Sometimes the right foot to start on is just the first one to move.  I found myself struggling to make a move because of fear.  It slowed the process down.  I found myself doing a lot of things that I thought would help the process, but in reality, I was only slowing it down. I was doing a lot of talking without moving.  I would ask a lot of questions or I would try to create something without having the proper things in place.  I was trying to skip steps and take shortcuts.  Something didn't start happening until I said "That's it. Enough is enough.  I just need to start running towards it." That is when things really started.  Just putting one foot forward was the right foot and with every step after that was the right step.  Getting to the point now of working with an artist and getting everything planned out to try and create a solid great plan.  Are leaps and bounds ahead of where I was a year ago. Where I was at the beginning of the year.  

Now on to the next step.  The next step.  What is that? Well getting our promo art selling and getting pre-orders on our introductory comic. One step at a time. It is great to have plans and it is great to want to get there, but one step at a time.  In a lot of ways, this has been a journey that has already changed me for the better. To everyone that joins along with each step that we take, I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude.  I want to create something that makes people smile and makes their day better.  I want to do this to see other people smile.  So to know that I am able to make you smile makes taking the next step easier and more exciting.  Thank you for the support and know that I appreciate it greatly.

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Go get them. Keep your eye on the prize! You can do it!

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