Happiness and Sponsorships

I reached a point at my job today where everything felt temporary.  I felt relief.  I was walking around with a small smile the entire afternoon as I could feel the momentum of what I have been working to create is moving faster and growing.  We are formulating a plan to help us use our momentum and not let it stop.  I am truly excited for y’all to see the preview that Daniel Scott The Indomitable(He wanted that) is working on right now.  The panel that we dropped this weekend is the last panel from the preview and it is going to be a part of the series for a long time.  I truly do think that this will be the place that will have the most emotion in it and will connect a lot of people to the story.  The person that you see in that Panel is Lukas.  It is his inner-room.  This is going to be what he is thinking while his outside self is telling a different story.  I am excited for you guys to see how this panel connects to the opening scene of our project.  

Now onto something that is a bit of an odd thing, but an expected thing.  As part of trying to help Daniel Scott The Indomitable cover his material costs, we are actively looking for sponsorships.  Now we aren’t going to after sponsors that make zero sense.  I am not looking to get a sponsorship from a hair product company or an insurance company. I am looking for companies that would make sense in the context of the book.  So if Lukas and Cole are drinking or eating something I am looking at what is the company that made it.  I am not rewriting the script to create opportunities, but we will look into how to change the dialogue to fit what is needed.  Right now I have put in an ambassador application with Repp Sports to put their protein powder and Raze Energy drinks into the book.  These would fit because we do have scenes where Lukas and Cole are working out and training or are buying an after-work drink to recover from the day.  This is a sponsorship that works within the context in the book unlike 99% of the product placement in any of the Transformers movies.  These are real-world items that our heroes are interacting with and the scene wouldn’t change if we made up a brand to fill that spot.  Understand we are looking into each company before we just wildly send a request in so that we know they have good values.

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